Sri. M.S. Nair


Time is the essence of which life is made up and what we put into it constitutes the basis of our success. On the completion of 44 years we look back to decade of difficulties as well as achievements. By working dedicatedly for the school we have endeavored to do some self-less service to Society. We have succeeded to an extent and this is reflected in the substantial and all round progress made by the school and the reputation for excellence and discipline that it has acquired in the locality as well as with the department. For parents and the public this is a good school because it produces good results. In our opinion our titles to distinction are a bit different.

  • We put in considerable effort for the character-formation of our children a concept fast disappearing from present-day Society
  • We have not so far denied admission to a single student on account of inability to pay, on the other hand we give financial aid to poor students.
  • We have a band of dedicated teachers led by an able and experienced Principal/Head-Mistress, for all of whom the School is their first commitment.
  • We have developed an atmosphere in which teachers enjoy great dignity and freedom.

The school has a good name but the name of the School is even greater. To uphold the one and honour the other constitutes our onerous agenda. Our finances are limited but our determination is great. It is the Mind and not Money that achieves. Hence we look forward to the future with optimism and courage.