Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG)

We have cheerful child-centred classrooms and a spacious and safe play area well-equipped with indoor play equipment. IPS has developed an integrated curriculum for its preschool incorporating conventional and Montessori methodologies in which maths, science, language and reading are introduced in the context of an overarching monthly theme, using sensory development activities, arts and crafts, storytelling, circle time, group activities and field trips. Rather than locking them to desks, the curriculum encourages children to move and explore, with a balance of problem-solving, thinking and creative activities designed to make learning fun and playful.

Primary and Middle School (1st to 7th Standard)

The school’s objective is to impart not just academic learning, but to equip each child with the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to perform well in today’s dynamic world. Our middle school curriculum is project-based to ensure students learn in a hands-on and application-oriented environment. To support this, the school provides smart-board enabled classrooms and well-equipped computer, science and math labs.  The curriculum also includes yoga, music, dance and creative arts to ensure development of the whole child.

High School (8th to 10th Standard)

The school is accredited to the Karnataka State Board and it has consistently been among the top performers in 10th Standard State Board Exams for past many decades. To prepare them for this major exam, in addition to regular and intensive academic classes, the school provides rigorous gifted and augmentation coaching programs to ensure each child receives the appropriate guidance required to perform successfully.

Science and Technology

IPS is a STEM-focused school and it places a strong emphasis on providing students a strong foundation in STEM-related subjects.  Students are encouraged to participate from Class 3 onwards in Science, Maths and Astronomy Olympiads. Individual and group coaching is provided to enable students to achieve their best and to encourage a healthy spirit of competition. For those students with the interest and aptitude to delve deeper into mathematics or science, the school provides elective extended science and math coaching programs.

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